Friday, March 23, 2012

tag, you're it!

Pat, over at Color Me Quilty, tagged me for this fun little "get to know you" game. Thanks, Pat!

The rules:
Answer some questions. Post some questions. Tag some people. It's an 11-11-11 plan (answer 11 questions, "tag" 11 bloggers, ask 11 questions).

It just happens to be my day off, so I've got some time to play :D

Here are my answers to Pat's questions:

1. My favorite dish/dinner meal is my grandmother's spaghetti. She's a fantastic cook!
2. My favorite color is lime green, which has snuck its way into a few of my quilts, I think. I definitely have a bunch of limes in my stash, that's for sure.
3. I grew up all over (IA, NJ, TN, MO) but I like to think of my grandparents' farm as "home base" and I live about 4 hours away.
4. My dream job... Hmmm... I have no idea. I love my current job, which is in microbiology at a biotech company, but who doesn't dream about having a "studio" where they get to create things and have that pay the bills somehow. Wouldn't that be nice!!

5. I have a cat, Hank, and a dog, Lucy. I used to have another cat, Scooter, but he went missing a few months ago. (sad, I know, but that's life. I miss him every day!)
6. I have several nicknames! My best pal and roommate calls me "krusta bread" or "kritta" - so fond of those, lol. A different best pal calls me "Vincent" because we used to be obsessed with a show called Entourage on HBO and we started calling each other by character names... I'm the movie star, she is my agent, Ari Gold. My dad called me "skittles" when I was little, but I haven't heard that one in a long time :D
7. Other than sewing/quilting, my hobbies include singing, playing outside with Lucy, hanging out with friends and family. I quite like admiring vintage things, I guess you could call that a hobby.
8. My dream vacation would be to go scuba diving someplace incredible but not too touristy. Or to take a long road trip across the country with some best pals.
9. My favorite time of day is between 8am and noon on days I don't work, because that's my most productive time of day and I can get all sorts of creative things done!

10. I used to only buy fabric I had a specific project in mind for, but a few months ago I started building a "stash." I like the idea of being able to just go start something, without a plan, without any restrictions, without needing to go to the store first!
11. the last book I read was Independent People by Halldor Laxness.

I appreciate every single person who reads my blog and am so grateful that this is an interactive community where we can sprout new friendships over common interests. But... this has taken so long to put together and I haven't even added my questions yet! I'm listing some pals who may or may not want to play, and I hope they know that if they don't have time to play, I totally understand :D

1. Elizabeth @ occaisional piece
2. Sydney @ syd the wyd
3. Danny @ mommy for reals
4. Sana @ sana soroti
5. Kris @ duke says sew what
6. Susan @ chickenfoot
7. Natalie @ orange kitty workshop
8. Jessica@ make me crafty
9. Kate @ a sometimes quilter
10. Debbie @ a quilter's table
11. Suz @ patchworknplay

I wanna know - which do you prefer:

1. Starch or no starch?
2. Prewashing or not?
3. Solids or prints?
4. Dogs or cats?
5. Big quilts or little quilts?
6. Thrifting or buying new?
7. Wood floors or carpet?
8. Beer or wine?
9. Staying in or going out?
10. One fabric line per quilt or mix and match?
11. Watching tv or listening to music?

I made them short and sweet for simplicity, but feel free to elaborate on each subject if you want!

Back to hand-quilting this mini I'm working on.

edit: I totally forgot to talk about the Liebster blog award that I've so nicely been handed by a few of you (thanks, guys!). I'll have to post about it later, this one is long enough already!


  1. oooh! Thanks for the shout out! I LOVE your itty bitty grannies! SO cute! Those questions look like fun too! I will do a post tomorrow!

  2. haha - thanks! 3rd time this week - looks like I have a question or two to answer!!

  3. Those look like easy questions to rattle off, I'll post tomorrow, too! Love your grannies

  4. Thanks Krista, I am up to 48 questions to answer now ;-) Your are easier though ;-)

  5. Wonderful to get to know you just a little bit better!

  6. Now I've returned from the Land of the Fogged-In Zombies, I'll get right on these questions! Fun!


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