Thursday, March 22, 2012

stale stash swap - mendocino by heather ross

EDIT: All gone!
Apologies for the lateness and whatnot. Life. Gets in the way sometimes. At any rate, I bought a bunch of these two prints (from Heather Ross's Mendocino line) back when I was big into making bags, long before I was a quilter. I'm big on making quilts now, and nothing else in my current stash goes with them, so I'd be willing to swap them out for something bright, bold, geometric... or anything really so long as I like it! Hit me up if you're interested so we can make a deal :D

Stale Stash Swap
The rules:
Offer a FQ to swap. 
Must be willing to swap internationally.
Post the button and link up.
Update your post when your stash has swapped!

Mendocino - HR05Natural SWAPPED!

Mendocino - HR08Pacific SWAPPED!

If I did it right, clicking on the pics will take you to FreeSpirit for more info on the prints. edit: i didn't do it right, so click the links below each pic instead! This swap is being held over at Lucy's blog, Charmed About You, which you can get to by clicking on the adorable button, below. Make sure to go see what everyone else is swapping!



  1. That Danny is on the ball!
    Life happens Krista! No worries! The link is open until Tuesday :)

  2. Uh, I would love that first one.

  3. I could offer you a FQ of this yellow fabric I used here:
    The collection is called "My aunties" and it's by the German Designer "Hamburger Liebe". What do you think?

  4. I would love both or which ever is still available! ;) I have some beautiful cottons brought back from India that you might like (paisley prints). I also have some oop park slope (seen here Let me know what else you might be looking for. :)

  5. I would love some of that mendocino! My name is Lorelei - from the German story about the mermaid. I can find out what you are looking for and see if I have something you like.

  6. I would love either of these! Let me know if anything interests you! Or if you want anything specific, I might have it in my stash!

  7. Um, they're probably already swapped... but I would LOVE both of them. I could offer some AMG good folks (or let me know what else you like and I'll see what I can find :o) )

  8. I'd love one of the fish is there's anything here you'd like:

    Loving this swap!

  9. My iPad isn't letting me edit this post from home, and it only just occurred to me to leave a comment! All my stuff is spoken for, swap closed! I might do another post with some other things later, we'll see!


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