Saturday, March 24, 2012

hello, my name is krista, and I am a sewing machine junkie

I stopped in at a thrift store yesterday with a specific plan to look at the sheets and get the hell out of there. But I got sidetracked. Big surprise. This aqua thing reached out and grabbed me.

I stood there for what seemed like forever, paralyzed by the argument going on in my head.

you already have a vintage, green machine almost exactly like this
yes, but that one only has straight-stitch capabilities, this one has much much more than that
ok, but the machine your grandmother gave you has all that fancy stuff
true... but just look at it, it's aqua
you even have your MOTHER'S machine riding around in the backseat of your car
shut up, conscience, you don't know me!

There were stares of disbelief as I plugged it in and played with every little feature. Works just fine, so far as I can tell. I'm no expert after all. I do know there is a big difference between "it runs" and "it sews beautifully." While in pretty rough shape, it came with tons of accessories and they were practically giving it away. Bottom line? At the very least, it will make an excellent display item in my [soon to be reclaimed] sewing room, up high on top of shelves filled with fabric.

The cotton yarn is for my mother, who loves to crochet dishcloths. The mug is for me, isn't is awesome? There's also a random 80s beach towel. I got the stacking baskets to use for organizational purposes. Don't you laugh at that!

Heather had mentioned using flat sheets as quilt backings in this post, which got me in the mood to go thrifting in the first place. I love using sheets as backing, they're big and they're cheap. The tan one is 100% cotton, so I plan on using it to back the quilt I'm making for my mom out of moda's Bliss line. The others are vintage and in great shape. I have a stack of DS Fairgrounds which I plan on making a quilt out of eventually, so either the blue or the green will work great for that.

Is it a crime to use a poly-blend, vintage sheet to back a higher quality cotton quilt top? I'm guessing it is, but as a deviant I enjoy breaking the law. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


  1. I am SOOO jealous!!!! I would have bought that machine, too. I've been all over ebay, but I am hesitant, because I cant try it out.

  2. Gorgeous machine! It's a justified purchase because it came with the attachments and such..and it does more than the other machine you were describing.
    Folks are so neglectful of sewing breaks my heart to see the many abused and damaged sewing machines at my job (I work at a thrift store connected with my college). Along with pretty vintage sheets thrown away due to some minor stains (OH THE PAIN!) little do they know..lots of crafters browse thrift stores for supplies!

    I love the stacking baskets...I want some of those, seriously!

    If I were to back a quilt with a poly-blend, I'd make sure there is no "thinning" in the middle of the sheet. But other than that, it would make the back of the quilt so incredibly soft!

  3. Fantastic purchase. I would have bought it too, although I would have a dilemma as I'm trying to down size and I'm getting rid of everything I don't absolutely need.
    I can't see why you can't use a poly/cotton blend for the backing. As long as it's in excellent condition it should be fine. I love the idea of not having to piece the backing!

  4. Concordo com tudo que disse MARG.Mas.vou Contar uma coisa,essa semana doei para um bazar quatro máquinas,em perfeito estado:1 reta,1zig-zag,1bordadeira,1 com tudo isso junto.Todas SINGER.Ganhei assas máquinas de uma costureira que estava com pena de jogar fora.Tenho mais três que são maníacas,escolhem o que querem costurar,marquei com fita-crepe em cada o que elas gostam...Mas vamos combinar?Para efeito de decoração são lindas.Eu gosto e é só.Render e ganhar dinheiro o bom mesmo é máquinas 0km e modernas.Mas vai em frente,eu espero que não se ofenda,por favor,é só um comentário.ETÉ....

  5. Such a fabulous machine! You hit the jackpot at this thrift store.

  6. I enjoyed reading the transcript of the conversation in your head. :o) What a cute machine.. And all those accessories, no wonder you couldn't just leave it abandoned there.. Great haul from the thrift shop, too. Those sheets look great! Rules? I didn't think there were any rules in quilting at all! ;) Have I been wrong all this time?

  7. Darling machine - what a find! And RE: sheets for backing, I'm an all-cotton girl, but like Kelli says - make your own rules! If it works for you, it works!

  8. I would have snatched that machine up too! I have only ever found older treadle machines in thrift stores here but I lack the space for one. I hate to buy another machine if I'm not going to use it.

  9. fab machine love the colour I would have got it too! I know that conscience wrestling all too well though! polycotton backing???? guilty as charged on a few quilts - lap quilt in living room is backed with it and is surviving the tussles of children and being used most days very very well! I always use cotton on the quilt top though. x

  10. We used to use poly-cotton in the "old days" before we had quilt shops everywhere with 100% cotton. I still have my quilts from then and they are doing fine. Besides that, the sheets are soft and broken in and should be find for quilty use. Yes?


  11. I bought the softest poly cotton sheet from Goodwill the other day, and decided it is WAY softer than any of the other sheets I own, so it is happily on my bed. It is in great shape, and if I wasn't so happy with it as a sheet, I would have backed a quilt with it any day. (Not a professional quilter, just love to quilt for my family and friends :)). The machine was an awesome find. Lucky you!!

    1. Aw, Lea! I just typed out a big ole response email only to see that you're a "no reply blogger" which bums me out! If you happen to see this, go change your profile settings to display your email, would ya please?

    2. Krista, I changed it. I hope it works now!

  12. if i had been in the shop at the same time as you, i would have knocked you down to get at that machine! its beautiful. you made a wise decision grasshopper.
    i work in a quilt shop and the scuttlebutt with our longarmers is they dont like quilting sheets, and the higher the thread count the worse they are. i guess its harder to pierce thru.
    as for poly, again the only issue i can think of is shrinkage. cotton and poly shrink/dont shrink at different rates, but if its older and has already been washed/dried a bunch, i dont see it being an issue


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