Saturday, February 4, 2012

Phoenix quilt shop + charitable quilting

Both Joann's and Cabbage Rose quilt shop were located within walking distance of my sister's condo outside of Phoenix. Obviously I hit both while on vacation last week.

I loved how the quilt shop was set up and decorated. Organized yet whimsical. Candy-colored, vintage sewing machines atop tall shelves filled with gorgeous bolts of fabric.

They had a bunch of those glittery, sparkly, metallicy kinda prints which were fun to look at but not quite my cup of tea. Also a ton of batiks. I really liked the huge variety of vintage/antique looking floral, stripe and dot prints.

My five week old niece caught a nasty cold and landed herself at the hospital the day before I headed home. She's all better now, so no worries.

But look at that awesome quilt made by some wonderful retirees! She gets to keep it, cool right? Check out AZ Blankets 4 Kids for more info on the group responsible.

I've seen lots of charitable quilting going on around blogland and I've always admired it. I'll have to look into my local guild and see if I can get involved in this sort of thing!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. I'm stitching up a storm :D


  1. Lovely fabric! Your niece is such a cutie, glad she's all better :)

  2. When I took my DIL to the chemo ward to get an IV (for her barfing-up pregnancy), she got a blanket too, and I noticed that she has kept it as well. So glad the baby's okay! Looks like you had fun while in AZ. Okay, I"m off to read your next post. Sorry you're getting a bunch from me!

    Elizabeth E.


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