Thursday, February 2, 2012

A little desert R&R + hexie progress

Spent the past week visiting my sister's family out in Phoenix. I met my newest niece (5 weeks) and spent lots of time bonding with her older sister (24 months).

The new big sis and I just loved playing with hexagons. She'd count their sides and chew on them and spread my neat little piles out all over the place. Great fun!

I cut and packed bunches of scrappy 2.5in squares so I could EPP to my heart's content while away from home base.

I even assembled a travel sewing kit complete with everything I needed for making 4 or 5 hexie flowers at a time. The nail clippers make for excellent thread snippers.

I made about 12 more while on vacation, bringing the completed flower count up to 43. I'm using these for the Scrap Attack QA.

Not bad, right? I stole moments to sew during nap time, plane or car rides and evenings spent in front of the tv after bonzos were in bed for the night.

It's back to the needle and thread for me!


  1. How the heck did you sew on the plane? Do they allow needles and scissors now?!?! If so, I wish I knew about that for my London/San Francisco flights...

  2. oohhh pretty!! Great use for scraps too. I'm collecting little squares and was going to do a postage stamp quilt eventually but I might have to make little hexie flowers!!

  3. Lovely. :) You should definitely turn it into a GIANT quilt.

  4. Wow, that is impressive. You're really on a roll here!!

  5. yaaa! Awesome! So glad to see another scrappy flower hexagon quilt very similar to mine I'm working on at :)

  6. So pretty! I love hexagon flowers a lot, always thinking of new ways to use them ;D

  7. these are fantastic.
    i should get back to my hexie project one of these days...

  8. Cuteness on the "bonzo" kid. I helped my daughter sew one time and we looked up to see all of our neatly cut out squares all arranged on the carpet nearby by the toddler. We took a photo and then the baby crawled onto them. At least they were involved!

    Elizabeth E.


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