Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rose Star + Hexie Flowers

Now that I'm way into English paper piecing (EPP), I couldn't resist trying out Clare's Rose Star tutorial. This guy was a bit more complicated than the hexie flowers I've been making.
I learned EPP using plastic templates, so I used a plastic file folder and the paper cutter at work to make templates for this block. I was quite pleased with my ingenuity! They work great, but definitely can't be ironed over...
And here are the latest hexie flowers.


  1. Great idea using plastic folders! They all look good.

  2. Yeah Krista!! Love the rose and star block and the hexie flowers are so pretty!

  3. Well, it may have been tough, but that top flower is a stunner! Did you see the hexie quilt I posted from Road? I thought of you when I saw it, and wished you could have seen it too!

    Elizabeth E.

  4. I REALLY want to do the Rose Star. Yours looks great!


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