Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WiP Wednesday - long time no linky

It's been a while since I linked up with Lee for a WiP Wednesday but I’m ready to get back to it. (Even though I'm late to the party...)

Scrappy sheet coasters – started these way back when I had finished cutting all my pieces for my kaleidoscope quilt, using the scraps. All the fabric is vintage sheet material. Finally put the binding on the other day. It was my first go at bias binding, I just kind of winged it. There are pleated bits around the corners, so I’m pretty sure I did it wrong. But I love them and they’re almost too pretty to set drinks on.
i love these so so so much

Rose Star mini quilt – maybe I’ll enter it in Ellison Lane Quilts’ mini quilt challenge? I dunno.
Jen’s coasters – these little HSTS were made forever ago with no real project in mind, I was simply exploring an alternate method of making them. I wasn't in love with the lack of contrast (only the brown ones really pop) and stashed them away somewhere, never to be seen again... Until Friday morning when I busted them out and made coasters quick before I left to visit my friend Jen in her new apartment. They made a decent housewarming gift. It’s the thought that counts, right?
the brown one looks small, but i swear they were all the same size

Punctuation quilt – needs binding

Summer Sampler Series quilt – I’m so close to finishing this thing that it’s ridiculous how long I’ve let it sit on my design wall, untouched. All the blocks are bordered in grey, and half of them are quilted. (I'm doing this one QAYG). Maybe I’ll work on it tonight now that I’ve brought it up again.
Across the Sea quilt – Block subunits made and ready for assembly. I bought the fabric with plans to make my mom a quilt for mother’s day… in 2010. I started the ATSQAL thinking I’d have it finished for mother’s day 2011, but didn’t get there. Then I promised it would be finished this year for Christmas. No dice. How long do I have before mother’s day 2012? I'll need to get on that.
Drunkard’s Path quilt – should have been a Christmas gift but I couldn’t get it quilted in time. I started and ripped it out twice and still can’t decide on how quilt it or what color thread to use. I’m paralyzed. I spent SO MUCH TIME piecing and I don’t want to ruin it with bad quilting.
Rose Star blocks – I have two made but no plans on what to do with them.
Hexie quilt – 50ish hexie flowers done, seven of which have borders. I haven’t done the math on measurements or set any kind of timeframe, so this will probably be a decade-long project. At best.

Completed Projects - 3
New Projects - 0
Ongoing Projects - 6

Yikes. Talk about a reality check.


  1. Lovely coasters! And good you listed things out - it helps, don't you think? Good luck as you move forward, and do stick with us on w.i.p. wednesday - keeps me moving, at least.

  2. Those coasters are adorable!!! Sometimes making a list is just the motivator you need

  3. Pretty coasters!
    And if they do get stained, oxy clean is your friend ;D!

  4. I love both sets of coasters! Very cute!
    I think they all sound like fun projects and I'm sure you can get them done, one at a time!!
    I'm planning on making myself (yes, just for me!!) an ATS quilt - need to get on that :)

  5. I love how you linked all your WIPs with photos. Love the hotpads and the drink coasters. Even mini is magnificent. One time I quilted a thread with invisible thread because I couldn't decide on a color. They have regular and smoke colored thread (for darker fabrics). That's a thought for you to consider, but I've noticed that even when you dither about something, you always pull out some lovely ending to the dilemma. I'll be waiting to see what how you choose to quilt the drunkard's path.

    Elizabeth E.

  6. Oh I love those sheet coasters! You're right, way too pretty to set drinks'll need a coaster for your coasters! ;-)

  7. The coasters are lovely and you have a lot of fun projects going on.


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