Friday, November 22, 2013

x and + friendship swap

Elizabeth of opquilt and I have been x and +ing along and I have to say I'm so pleased with how our "anything goes" scrappy approach is looking so far. Only five of these are my work, the others are from Elizabeth. She's making me look bad! 

These blocks aren't the quickest for me to put together but they certainly are fun. The key is to have a bunch of pieces all cut up and ready to go for when there's time to sew. That was my plan for the KCMQG sew day I went to a couple weeks ago, but instead I spent most of my time pressing and cutting! 


I borrowed a presser foot from the woman sitting behind me, also sewing x and + blocks on her featherweight. Turned out to be Carla of lollyquiltz! Go figure. I had no idea she was in the KC area. She and Susan of patchworknplay started the swap and it was so much fun working on the blocks with her. 

Right now Jon and I are in Phoenix, visiting my sister and her family. We packed light but I managed to bring a bazillion precut x and plus pieces just in case. Turns out there has been time to sew on my sister's machine, so my nieces and I have already made 12  blocks. Addie is keeping one to hang on her bedroom wall. It is so much fun to "corrupt" a future generation of quilters!

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday (if you're in the states) and a great weekend coming up.


  1. I love the 'randomness' of your blocks too Krista! I think the reason you didn't make as many blocks at your last KCMQG gathering was because of all the talking and laughing you were doing! You look like you were having so much fun! And these blocks are fun! Your niece looks pretty happy too!

  2. Enjoy your warm vacation, Krista. I love seeing the blocks your a swapping and look forward to stitching with you again sometime soon!! Yes....go figure!!

  3. Very fun looking blocks Krista. This is a fun swap

  4. So fun, love the scrappy! The pic of your niece is adorable.

  5. I can't believe I didn't comment on this. I feel like with our emails and IG, we are always talking to each other (and I like that!). Oh yeah, now I know why--I was in Urgent Care wheezing my way through a doctor's appointment and pleading for meds (got them and now I'm better). Our blocks are looking mighty fine together! I'm so glad you asked me to partner up with you, as we seem to have the same sensibilities on fabric choices. Yep, yep. Our blocks will play well together, I think.

    Have you started Christmas sewing/shopping? I'm ignoring it. Well, except for maybe a little fabric shopping for Dave's lab tech (she likes a certain line of fabric), and maybe just one fat quarter stack thrown in for me. (Now, how did that happen?)



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