Wednesday, November 13, 2013

new windows, new cat, and other random stuff

After a full Saturday of sewing with the KCMQG, I spent Sunday "supervising" Jon and my Dad as they replaced the 100 year old windows in our little cottage style home. While charming from a distance, these old windows were in really rough shape. 
Most of them had rotten sills, cracked panes, and/or missing glazing. Several were painted shut and all the iron weights had been cut loose years ago. We uncovered many wasps nests and cobwebs. I'll miss their character but not the cold drafts and inability to open without fear of them breaking apart and falling out.
We had my sewing room turned upside down for the windows, so I took the opportunity to recover my pressing mat with some heavy, natural linen. I'd been wanting to do it for a while since the old muslin layer was looking pretty gross. I was too lazy to go the fitted sheet or drawstring route, and opted to simply staple the new fabric over the top of the old. I'm regretting that decision now. Next time around I'll remove the staples, wash the linen and sew on some elastic to make future washings much easier.
Since we were moving the desk around too, I finally dug out the plastic "risers" I bought long ago to raise it up for a more comfortable cutting surface. Now if I can only find an extra one for the odd fifth leg out front and center. I suppose the pressing board could use a lift, too.
Who thinks I should cut up this old, tattered quilt to make a couple curtain panels? I pinned it there as a temporary solution until we replace the blinds, but now I'm totally digging it. Looks super cool from outside at night, too. Yep, I think I'll do that.

Yesterday I stayed home sick from work. I didn't even feel good enough to sew, can you believe that? I attempted to but  my nose was dripping uncontrollably and making a mess of things. I spent most of the day cuddled up with Hank, Lucy and our newest fur baby, nicknamed "Black Cat" until we come up with something better.
She was an unwanted warehouse kitty at my work for several months, evading capture and only seen by those who came and went earliest and latest. I thought she was a tall tale until I spotted her late afternoon last Thursday, back by a high rise of pallets and some giant bags of dirt. After doing the "here kitty kitty" thing for a minute I managed to get her to come to me. We made friends and I took her home, fully intending to pawn her off on someone else as soon as I got the chance. 

I'll blame Jon for getting too attached. She's mega cute and super friendly. Hank can't stand her but has slowly been coming around. Lucy gets whacked every now and again for being overly playful but she's starting to figure it out. We had her spayed, de-wormed, and shot up, so she's part of the family now.
I went to work this morning but left early to hit the urgent care clinic. I'll nip my sinus infection in the butt this time instead of suffering for a week or two before finally giving in. The neti pot can only do so much before powerful antibiotics have to get involved. 

Now I'm home, resting. If I can't manage a nap I may just stuff some cotton up my nose and head to the sewing room. Pressing, cutting, and stitching fabric isn't that strenuous, right? It's relaxing, even. Maybe I'll make some more of these Jacob's Ladder blocks. 
Can you spot where I goofed? First one to point it out wins a prize! I'll finish the rest of the blocks before bothering to correct it. Or maybe I'll leave it. Adds a little character, perhaps.

Linking up with Cindy today (although she hasn't posted it yet). No one does random quite like she does! 

If you missed my quilted seat cushion tutorial yesterday on Ellison Lane, you can see it here. There's still time to enter the giveaway.


  1. Top middle/right blue&white 4 patch on the squint, doh!
    Get well soon, and sew up those curtains xxx

  2. I'm so happy that you blogged! We had an older home once and I can remember doing a lot of DIY projects,. A Jacob's Ladder quilt is on my list! Feel better!

  3. Hadley beat me! Love the idea of curtains from that beautiful old quilt! Get better soon...

  4. I want to say that I'm jealous of your old home because of the character, but I'm not. I like my shiny new condo that comes with a maintenance man so I can be so lazy that I don't even have to change my own light bulbs. More time for sewing, right?

    The curtains = fab idea!

  5. Hi yay for blogging! (this is Anna from Flickr and IG.) I have a new blog as well! I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Love this post - quilts, cats and home improvements - good stuff. Hope you choose a name for your kitty soon - we have a black and white one called Marley ( after Bob Marley ) x

  7. Took me a while but I found it--but then so did every one else. I loved your tutorial over at Ellison Lane, but I'm kind of done with giveaways (if you saw my sewing room, you'd know why) so I didn't enter, but I was totally impressed with your tutorial. I have a plain wooden chair in my eating area next to the kitchen and it sure could use a pad. Now I know how!

    Sorry you're sick--get well soon! More blocks coming your way, you lucky duck. I'm finishing up December's allotment today and it will be in the mail (can't wait until December!). Can't wait to see mine, but get better first. :) Oh, and congrats on the new windows. It was a big day around here when we finally replaced ours. I love the new ones--so quiet and it keeps out the contrary weather.


  8. I et sewing with the girls is worth the cold! Hope you feel better soon : )

  9. Looking forward to seeing the curtains! And this might be TMI, but I confess to having walked around with a tissue stuck in my nose. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get things done. ;) Loving the JL blocks! And.. I was desperately trying to figure out what you used sizing on your window sill for, and why you would be drying it with the blow dryer when *ding ding*.. the light bulb came on and I realized you were using it to hold the window up. haha Hope your sinus infx disappears soon--they are miserable. :/

  10. Hi Krista! Over from Lollyquiltz! Congrats on new windows!! And new kitty (007?! )!!! Your sewing space looks enviable...and I LOVE the pinwheel is in good hands, I'm am sure!

  11. Hope you are starting to feel better. Love your newest addition

  12. Our house is an 104 yr old farmhouse (except we live in town) so I understand about "old houses with character". The owners before us (thankfully!) replaced all of the windows, but left most of the plaster and lath.

    I like your idea with the old quilt! It would look very "at home" in your sewing area.

  13. Black Cat is undeniably charming, and so are the windows. ;) Anyway, you mentioned you like the distressed character despite its rough condition. Well, you can keep the former and remediate the latter. Vintage-looking windows are a well-loved trend after all. Jesse@Jon Wright Industries

  14. Though old windows carry with them that rich character, there are those cases that they also have a lot of disadvantages. Like in your case, there's the fear that it might crumble and fall down anytime soon. It can put your family's safety at risk, if they fall on someone's head. It's a good thing that you finally put up new windows for your home. I wonder how it looked though. Anyway, congratulations!
    John @ Beach Windows & Siding

  15. Kudos on replacing your windows, Krista! Old and fragile windows tend to break rather easily and cause danger to the tenants. How are your new windows now? I hope you check them from time to time and ensure their longevity. :)

    Ronnie Cain @ Euclid Roofing


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