Sunday, April 21, 2013

recent acquisitions - sunday stash

I've been in fabric acquisition mode lately. I blame Instagram and Paypal, primarily. People are like "buy this awesome fabric!" and I'm all like "ok, I will!" Paypal makes it so easy. Since I'm trying to get back into the blogging groove, I thought I'd share what's come in the mail recently.

I fell in love with Michael Miller's mirror ball dots at Quiltcon but didn't buy any. Then Jennifer posted this bundle for a bit of a deal on IG and I took the plunge cause she's a pal and I like supporting quilty friends. You can find this same bundle in her etsy shop.

I hate that the photo is blurry, but you get the idea. I nabbed these cuties in an IG destash. User @msjonah has an etsy shop which you can find here, and she's got one heck of a stash. It's more like a decent sized fabric store, since she seems to purchase a lot of things by the bolt. She's heading to quilt market in Portland and needed to make some room for new stuff.

She even offered up small scraps for free, so long as I paid the shipping. Score! These are all japanese import and/or kawaii fabrics, I'm not sure what that means but I know they're awesome. She sent my mushroom, hedgehog, and sheep fat quarters in a medium flat rate box, packed tightly the rest of the way with these awesome scraps. I love itty bitty patchwork so these will be perfect for that.

I also hit the $6 voile bandwagon pretty hard over the last several weeks, ordering a few different times from Sew Mama Sew before she suddenly decided to close up shop. What a bummer! I plan on doing some kind of fast, strip pieced quilt from the voile, with that top AMH "clippings" print for the backing. I figure the "pastry" stripes will make decent binding. I also bought enough of the bottom two prints to make myself a couple summer dresses.

Well, that's all for now!

Edit to add: sometimes I write fast and forget to spell check... in the original version of this post (and post title, ack!) I misspelled the word "acquisition" in a really obvious, goofy way. Whoops! Talk about embarrassing. I'm sure my English teacher sister was horrified :P

Also linking up for Sunday Stash with Kate at KateQuilts


  1. Love your new additions to your stash. I have been eyeing the mirror ball dots for a while, I might just need to pick them up sometime soon.

  2. Ok. Now I have to deal with fabric envy. That's not a good thing. I must visit Etsy in order to feel better!

  3. Those little deer in the scrap photo are so cute!!

  4. Can I just say, I am insanely jealous! Great stash additions and some new people for me to follow on IG :)

  5. Love the Michael Miller dots!!!

  6. You cracked me up with your opening lines, because I feel the same way. Oh? They want me to buy fabric? Okey dokey! I finally wised up and put all my fabric store emails into their own folder so I don't have to see them in my inbox, only when I want to.

    Maybe it's just Spring, but I've had a few indulgent moments lately, too. We need to get on a mirror ball dots project. Yeah, right after your Liberty project. I've got to go and check the stash to see if I have some Liberty, because the credit card has melted and I can't buy any more!


  7. Cool fabric additions! I love mirror ball dots. I haven't bought any of the fabric, but I realised the other day my lunch box lid has mirror ball dots on it, hot pink too! Hehe about the typing. I'm an English teacher and I make typos all the time on my iPad. Reads like complete gibberish often!

  8. I had no idea that Instagram was dealing in fabric addiction! You have chosen well.


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