Friday, April 12, 2013

a name tag + a meeting

Look what came in the mail today! An awesome name tag from a fellow quilting Krista, who is super talented and quite generous, too, since she sent some cast-away batiks along with it.

It's fun getting presents in the mail and I'll be sending something back just as soon as I can get to it. Which could be months from now, knowing me. Funny it didn't show up yesterday, since I finally made it to a KCMQG meeting last night.

I've been wanting to go for a couple years now, ever since Alex sent me an email suggesting I ought to come check it out. But it's an hour drive and work usually gets in the way. Plus I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to first impressions and would always talk myself out of going at the very last second. 

Last night Jon wouldn't let that fly and dragged me out to the car, kicking and screaming. I'm glad he did, because Lauren Hunt gave a killer presentation about fabric design. She was hilarious and endearing and I enjoyed every second of it. And the fabric in her etsy shop is to die for.

Can't wait to go next month and wear my new name tag! Which currently is pinned to my pajamas as I putz around and enjoy a few hours of freedom before heading to my parents' house to work on wedding stuff. 

UGH. I'm probably the worst bride ever, showing absolutely no interest in my wedding whatsoever. I have a man, a dress, and a priest. What else is there to do, really?


  1. Lol. Nothing else! You got the basics and if you show up on the day in pyjamas and have tacos for dinner as long as you gots the man and the minister you got everything you need :-)
    E xx

  2. Are you sure that name tag wasn't hiding under the car seat for a couple of weeks! LOL! Maybe next meeting you can wear you PJs!!

  3. The name tag is adorable! Good for you for getting yourself to the quilt meeting - I'm exactly like you, not enjoying first impressions and all that junk and I have talked myself out of many a event (quilting and non-quilting) because of it.

  4. haha! You're so fun, Krista! What a cool gift! Wow, I wish I lived close to a MQG, too. The closest for me would be about an hour or more, too. Which, with a young child in school, and a hub who works out of town is next to impossible. :/ So excited for you that you got to go! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I love that you're "putzing" around in your jammies with your cool name tag on. :) Happy Wedding Planning. (I was the same way)

  5. Lol. Depends what else you really want and how far away it is but it's absolutely fine not to go all bridezilla. More than okay, really. Sane, even. ;)

  6. First--the wedding. I like that you're keeping it low-key. I promise you'll be happier about this in the end. I did a few things for my marriage to Dave that had special touches, but I had four kids, we were moving to Southern California, combining two households--really, like the commenter above, who needs all the Bridezilla stuff?

    Love that name tag! How fun that you went to the guild meeting. I guess I should get the lead out and get going to one, too. (And yes, it's an hour away as well!)

    I'm popping over to add you to Bloglovin. I'm liking that okay, but haven't figure out how to comment when I'm "inside" there--it just doesn't seem to work.

    Elizabeth E.

  7. Super cute name tag! And yay for going to the meeting and the upcoming wedding! :D

  8. That is exactly how I was about my wedding!! So we cancelled our venue, got married on vacation and then had a big party at our house when we got back :) Best idea ever

  9. Glad you had fun at the meeting!! And YAY wedding! :)


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