Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i claim this blog in the name of krista stitched

I never used google reader. I'm not really sure why. My tech-unsavvy way of keeping up with the online quilting community was to google a blog that popped into my head, read and comment on a post or two and surf around blogland via other people's comments. As in, you leave a comment on so and so's post and I recognize you or think your comment is interesting, so I click on you to get to your blog. Or, on the rare occasion that I actually post something here, I click over to your blog after you've left a comment on mine and return the favor. This method of "keeping up" doesn't work too well from an iphone.

Since everyone's been talking about the demise of google reader I figured now is a good time to get with the program and downloaded bloglovin. It automatically transferred all of the blogs I already "follow" via google friend connect and I assume it will do the same for you, but in order to "claim" my blog I have to put the following link in this post...

It's been working great from my ipad, although it's an iphone app so it's kinda blurry if I make it full-screen.  From my iphone I can't seem to make commenting work unless I tap the little arrow at the top right to open a post in safari (apple web browser) and log into my google account first. I'm not sure why that is.

Also, if your blog uses commenting that pops open a new window, I can't do it from bloglovin. I haven't tried it from a computer, so I'm not sure if it works differently than the app. Again, I never used google reader, but bloglovin is working WAY better for me than my old method was, so I think you'll be hearing from me more often! 

I'm not sure if I'll be blogging more often, though. I realize I'm not all that exciting, but if you want to see more from me you can view my instagram feed on the web by clicking here

Oh, and please let me know in the comments how you manage to "make it work" in the online quilting community. I'd love to hear your secrets!

That's all for now :D


  1. I've been a fan of google reader & am trying out bloglovin too. I regularly follow several blogs and less regularly follow lots of others. I feel like consistent commenting is what helps build a relationship/friendship so I do it quite a bit. Plus I sure try and answer whenever anyone comments on my blog. I keep tabs on flickr and IG too.

  2. I use the blogger dashboard to keep track of all my blog reading! I understand that its staying, so even though i have claimed my blog on blog lovin' I am not sure I am going to even need to use it! Blog lovin' delivers the blogs in an email every 24 hours- but often, for me in the southern hemisphere, that means they are very late! good luck with what you decide!

  3. I'm a bloglovin convert from last year when reader changed its settings with people on wordpress, etc. I wasnt sure how i'd be affected so i jumped then. It is a pain to comment from the phone and I have it on the ipad as well.. no bueno, maybe they'll come out with an app now that people are switching? fingers crossed. Otherwise, IG will have to suffice ;)

  4. I used GR and was fine with it. Trying bloglovin now. So far it's none too different for me. Then again, I always read and comment from my laptop and never a phone. Like Debbie I've built a few friendships that have really pushed my blogging and sewing experience by following closely and commenting regularly. I also answer all my commenters individually and try to do so quickly. Works so far. I organise the blogs I follow into groups like friends/wider circle/quilting/fashion sewing.. makes time management possible.

  5. Your method is how I started in this crazy blogging world. And I had bookmarks. Lots of bookmarks. Then I started following with my blogger dashboard, and I love it. It's almost identical to bloglovin' (which I signed up for last week) except its there on your dashboard whenever you go to your blog to update or check comments or anything else. I don't like that in blog login I can't just comment. I also am not a fan of the app. I use my iPad and it's blurry and small. Maybe that will be upgraded soon. Fingers crossed.
    E xx

  6. I just moved from bookmarks to bloglovin'. I'm looking at you from bloglovin' right now...put some clothes on!!! ;) HA!!!!!!

    I am using bloglovin' straight from the website on my laptop and it works fabulously...so maybe that's the way to go if you can? I hear Feedly is good as well, so maybe try that one too to compare. I think we have until July to make a decision.

    And I appreciate that you don't post every idea that comes into your head. When you post it has substance. And that's part of what makes a good blogger. :)

  7. Thank goodness you are dressed! I'm looking from Blog lovin, too, on the iPad, but I don't use the app, I am on the main website. I can leave comments with no problem. And I stay signed in to bloglovin without having to log in each time. It's going smoothly! What I also like is all blogs that I follow come up in the feed vs. only seeing blogger blogs on my dashboard. I've rediscovered some blogs I joined along the way!

  8. I've seen bloglovin around, but after trying three of these readers, I'm going with Flipboard on the iPad, and Feedly for the regular use on the desktop Mac. Just my .02 worth.



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