Monday, September 24, 2012

an answer to a call

Last Thursday Victoria put out a call for help and I decided I ought to pitch in. A friend of a friend had been diagnosed with leukemia and she needed blocks for a quilt ASAP. Her requirements were 12.5in unfinished and a palette of teal, coral, peach, white and light yellow.

"Lucky Pieces" block (tutorial here)

I quick got to work on Friday and had it shipped out by Saturday morning. Hopefully it will blend in nicely with the other blocks Victoria receives and the finished quilt keeps Susan nice and comfortable in the hospital.

Lucy chipped in too, keeping it warm after pressing while I looked for my camera. She's got weird eyes, I know. It's that whole double dapple thing. Send happy vibes Susan's way, would ya? Sometimes that's all it takes.

Check out the blocks Victoria's received so far here!

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  1. Beautiful block for a great cause!

  2. Beautiful. Will definitely send some happy vibes.

  3. What a lovely block - so nice of you to help her out!

  4. I do love this block! You were fast....and so kind. :-)

  5. Lovely block. Great cause. What a great idea to help.

  6. Your block is gorgeous Krista! Happy vibes and prayers going her way..

  7. Lovely block- so bright and cheery!


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