Monday, July 2, 2012

flowerburst hexie progress

I finished stitching up the last couple seams on this flowerburst hexie block last night. The sides of these blocks are finishing at about four inches. So let's see... if I want a finished queen sized-quilt, that would be roughly 24 blocks long and 22 blocks wide. Which would be a total of 528 blocks. WHAT?! Can that even be possible? Someone check my math and tell me I'm wrong, please.
flowerburst hexie
Nevermind, I just checked it myself and I definitely was wrong. No big surprise there! While the sides may be four inches, the diameter at their widest point is eight. That means 12 blocks long and 11 blocks wide, totaling 132 blocks. That sounds a LOT more doable. Just to be safe, go ahead and check that math for me, would ya? I don't have the best track record in regards to calculating quilt pattern dimensions.
FBH group shot
Here they all are together. I have 15 of them so far. Yikes, this may take a while! It's quite a bit of effort to get those little half-hexies basted and stitched in there, but I'm sticking with it because I think they look pretty cool this way.
leaning tower of hexies
There's no deadline in mind, obviously. I tend to have a hard time with those, have you noticed?! It'll be years, for sure. I think there are about 35 hexie flowers waiting for borders. This project has it's own plastic storage box that is handy for grabbing to take along on car rides, so I'll be bringing it with me this week for all the Fourth of July traveling we have planned :D

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  1. i love hexies!! I have yet to try them. I really like the colors you are using. I'm not so great a quilt math either.

  2. I love today's finished hexie! Just think, if you finish the borders on those 35 you will be one third of the way to your quilt! Keep going!

  3. They look so nice all together! They don't look gingham! I had major post car trip lack of sewing enthusiasm today. I hope I finish those curtains tomorrow? Gingham countdown....

  4. Your hexie flowers look great! I am thinking years for mine, too. And mine will be traveling this week with me, also. So easy to bring along!

  5. Your flower burst blocks look great! Persevere, it will suddenly start to grow and grow and grow. I made a kingsize quilt from 2" hexagons, thinking it would be a 5-year project for picking up and putting down, and the top was pieced inside 10 months.

  6. It's going to be an amazing quilt, and what a lot of work you're putting in! I'm so jealous of people that can sew in the car, I just get sick!

  7. I love them. I'm working on a hexie project myself which will take lots months if not years, too, I'm sure. :)

  8. This is how I shop, I look at something that is impossibly expensive and then everything else is reasonable. Over 100 of those lovely hexies will take a good while but they are really great so I hope you make them.

  9. This quilt is going to be amazing - I love your hexies! I can see one of these in my future! This is a really handy site for hexy quilt maths


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