Tuesday, May 1, 2012

r.i.p. cedar tree

I've been spending a lot of time outdoors, trying to heighten my curb appeal. I'm pretty sure the neighbors had given up on me keeping my yard in check, but I'll show them. Just you wait.

This scraggly cedar tree had to go. I won't bore you with the details, but it was icky and I wanted it gone. Or maybe I will bore you with the details, lest you think his murder was senseless.

He was a volunteer, left to his own devices and never pruned properly. A gnarly vine had crept her way all up in his business. He was on the property line where I'd like to eventually put a fence. Plus he was ugly. Kosher?

In reality my dad did most of the work. Doesn't he look so pleased? I carried branches, though. I swear.

I'll probably share more gardening stuff as the weeks go by, and if you're totally uninterested I understand. This is a quilt blog after all.

But I do what I want. So there.


  1. ...turning head sideways....is your dad for rent?!

  2. Well, Mr. Cedar did just show up in your yard uninvited and decide to squat there without your permission... I guess he kind of had it coming. ;) And yes, you have an awesome dad. :)

  3. I bet that yard progress feels good - we just dealt with some tree issues too!

  4. It is so satisfying to get the garden looking tidy, and taking out an uninvited guest just has to happen sometimes!

  5. We're dealing with a lot of the same over at our house! Happy to hear about gardening :)

  6. We've got to rip out our olive tree (like I told you)--it was bitten by some pest who was carrying a disease that kills the tree from the outside in. It basically "freezes" the arteries of the tree, so it can't carry the sap out to the leaves/branches. We've hacked off pieces of it here and there, but the whole thing is just about dead. Plus Dave's allergic to it, so there's another reason. It was gorgeous and beautiful and shaded my bedroom window from the afternoon son, but sadly it's mostly dead.

    Bravo for fresh starts!
    Elizabeth E.

  7. Lol, love your sense of humor! You helped in the process so it's all good :D


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