Friday, April 6, 2012

happy mail + another hexie project

Elizabeth sent me a big 'ole box of vintage fabric! I wonder what the neighbors thought as I jumped up and down, squealing with glee.

Mail sure is fun when it isn't bills or advertisements. A million times better when it's fabric.

About half the pieces are cheerful ginghams, which she split with me so we can make quilts together this summer [Eeeek!!].

The rest are bed linens, because she found out how much I dig them. I think she should show us her stash, which must be incredible if she was willing to part with all of these lovelies :P

Oh, and I started another EPP hexie project. I've recently reclaimed my sewing room from the best pal (I'll miss ya, bud!) and had plans to cut up some vintage sheets to make megahexie patchwork curtains for the windows in there.

I had my 2.5 inch (each side) templates cut and my fabric pulled, just waiting to be used. Then Clare started a piece and love hexathon and her timing couldn't have been more perfect. I'm in!

I'm ready to do some mad crazy EPP while on vacay at my gram's farm up in Iowa over the weekend. Hope you have a lovely Easter :D

Edit to add: if you'd like to try piecing megahexies by machine, I just found this great video tutorial by Liz of Lady Harvatine. Go check it out!


  1. I really admire you hand piecing those really big hexies!! (Wouldn't it be quicker to machine?) Anyway, I LOVE the box of vintage fabric!! Gingham is fabulous!

    1. I thought about machine piecing them, as I've been doing that for my giant rose star blocks, but this hexie project is more of a "take along" thing. I actually questioned whether machine piecing is quicker or less hassle for me, because I use a vintage machine that is a pain when it come to stopping and starting, which you do a lot of with piecing hexies by machine.

      Sitting on the couch and stitching hexies while chatting with my grandmother or watching Harry potter with my cousins is much more social (and accepted) than confining myself to the back room with a sewing machine, lol! That's why I'm hand sewing them, it's fun and I'm quite quick at it :D

  2. wowsers! Lucky you! Sounds like lots of fun ahead! (and oh do I love your orange kitty!!)

  3. Great post in so many ways!

  4. What fun mail - glad to see your animals enjoyed it too! Happy Easter.

  5. Yay your fabric are cute Krista, they will look lovely with sun shining through them.
    Happy sewing weekend.

  6. NICE package!! Lucky you. Happy Easter!

  7. Oh my gosh that package is INCREDIBLE!! Love it :)
    The curtains will look amazing!

  8. I loved seeing the excitement of that package leak through the computer screen--so glad you like it. I washed all my ginghams up tonight. I'm pretty sure they're poly-cotton because I didn't have to iron one of those things (pulled them right from the dryer). Hope that's okay. I'm looking forward to this!



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