Friday, March 30, 2012

some progress + exciting news :D

My sister thought I needed to post again, so I took some quick pics of things I accomplished recently.
I had been adding the gray borders on each star, but now I think it will be easier to arrange the blocks to my liking if I wait to do that until they're all done. I don't want to risk having two of the same print touch each other, that's the challenge I set forth for this project. The star points can't be pieced in until they are made into half hexagons with the gray, so you'll notice in the picture that they aren't actually sewed on yet.
And I'm slowly adding borders to my hexie flowers, an EPP project. Very slowly! It'll be a long while before this quilt gets finished.

Drumroll please... My best pal and roommate for the last 15 months will be moving out tomorrow. I'll miss him, but am SO ready to get my sewing room back!!!! Whoo hoo!

Ok, that is all for now. Have a great weekend :D


  1. Your rose stars are so beautiful, and I see in your caption that they're machine pieced?? I thought they were paper pieced.

    Congrats on being reunited with your sewing room. :)

  2. Wowsers! I love that top star with the scoopy flowers in the center. I hear you about adding on the borders, as I'm wondering now if adding on my borders was such a great idea. But they're done. Oh well.

    Congrats on getting your sewing room back! We should have a blog party: Celebrate Krista's Sewing Room, or something.

    I've been in a fog for a week, and am just now finding my way back to civilization. I'm reading down your blog, filling up your emailbox again. . .

  3. Yaaaay! So glad you posted. :) And yes, wowzers. You're so talented.

  4. I LOVE your rose star blocks! But you already knew that.. :o) This one is no exception. So pretty.. I just love the fabrics you are using. Congrats on reclaiming your sewing space, and sweet hexie flowers, too.

  5. Lovely lovely!
    Woo hoo on the sewing room, enjoy the weekend.

  6. Another beautiful rose star! Yay for getting your sewing room back!!!!

  7. oh i am in love with your hexie flowers
    that stripe is delish
    it will be nice to get your room back, im sure!


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