Saturday, December 3, 2011

Making Christmas!

I've been working on getting the holiday decorations up, I love this time of year!!
I have a mini tree; it's awfully small so I'm thinking of taking it to my office at work and getting a bigger, real tree tomorrow.
I got this amazing, vintage, hand-carved nativity on etsy last year. It's tiny and awesome and I love it so much.
Incredible, right? I just wish they had a Stable!
Cute apron for my dish soap. I got several of them at a flea market last year.
When I was in high school I saw a CD rack like this in the Eddie Bauer catalogue. My dad and uncle helped me make this one, but I've been using it to hold knick knacks.
My mom used to have a Santa like this one only it was much bigger. We lost it in the move from Memphis to Kansas City, which was a major bummer. But not as bad as the Beatles anthology that went missing.
Got this awesome pillow at a thrift shop a while back. It's appliquéd and vintage and I love it so much :D
I wrapped some Christmas-ee ribbon around the roommate's "money tree" so it could be festive. Even his xbox looks snow-covered!
I'm linking up with Janine's Making Christmas!


  1. love all your little christmasy things, your tree looks great too. We are putting ours up next Sunday

  2. My tree is up too! Munchkin keeps tearing down the ornaments and "spinning" the tree. SIGH. We'll either take off all the bottom ornaments or attach them REALLY well somehow.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the nativity. I still don't have one. Boo.

  3. Your tree so look pretty! I love all your Christmas bits, especially the nativity and the cute cushion :)

  4. I love Christmas. I love how people bring it to their worlds in different ways. Great work!

  5. Everything looks great! Just love that cushion!

  6. Looking so festive! It's great! We got a bunch of stuff from a friend's wedding and we recycled it into Christmas decorations.. we are definitely cozy now!

  7. Everything looks fabulous and I love how each piece has its story. Your vintage cushion and carvings are just perfect and I love your CD holder with its Christmas coloured knick knacks :)

  8. Everything looks great! You look like you're ready for Christmas! :)


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