Saturday, September 10, 2011

Feel Good Photo Collage

It's a beautiful evening and the windows are open. I'm sitting on the couch with my little dog sleeping next to me, listening to the traffic outside my window. I was worried about the road noise when I first got the place, but it didn't take long for me to find it strangely comforting. Along with the crickets and the wind, it's a pretty relaxing soundtrack.

1.sewing machine, door knob, 3.deadbolt, pull, 5.built-in folding desk, 6.rusty doorbell, 7.bottle opener, 8.sewing machine closeup, 9. outdoor sitting area

They're playing news footage from 9/11 on the television. It's difficult to watch, but I was only 14 at the time and am seeing it now through new eyes. In an effort to calm my nerves and ease the heartache, I've been messing around with Picasa 3. I figured out how to make this photo collage of some things around my home that make me happy. Maybe I'll start doing "favorites" posts like I've seen around blogland lately. I'd like that.

Hugs to all,

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