Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Blocks and Friendship Bracelets

Cranked out three Summer Sampler blocks yesterday.

I kept up with this QAL for the first week and a half before hitting a major roadblock. I didn't want to tackle the scary, icky, awful tedious blocks which lay before me. Blocks which looked amazing in the mockup but in reality just didn't appeal to me. Call me lazy; see if I care!

Skipping to the good part... I decided to take the easy way out and made duplicate blocks instead! Not that I won't want to try out the trickier ones eventually. I just needed some stress-free, easy-peasy, no-thinking-required quilting. And what do ya know, I have something to show for it.

all together now!
I feel like this should be a big quilt. Lap size at the very least. I'm going to forget about deadlines and work on it when the mood strikes me. Note: I used Rachel's Happier method for the easy Flower Garden Path Block.

On another note, look what came in the mail! My first swap ever and I'm digging these. Thanks Valerie!

I think she meant the little beaded one as a freebie, but it's my favorite. I haven't taken it off. It's simple and dainty and the most awesome, vintage shade of green. Speaking of that shade of green...

Why, yes! This is a 1966 Pontiac GTO. The owner showed up right as I was snapping photos. I could have been embarrassed but was smart enough to know this kind of moment is what he lives for. I gushed about its beauty and asked all sorts or questions. He restored it himself. He takes it to car shows. He parks it all crooked-like to keep lesser vehicles from getting anywhere near it.

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  1. Hey Krista, I like your color choice! I was thinking about joining this QAL at a later point too. First I thought you left out the paper piecing blocks (that would be me as I have never done it before) but you actually did one. I would try it anyway cause the Kansas Dust Storm and Evening Star are my favourites.
    Funny why the guy parks his car all crooked - but it makes sense ;-)

  2. I like the color choices too! Will you add sashing? Looking forward to the completed top!

  3. I love the blocks!!! Very modern looking. The car is fun, too!

  4. Hi Krista,
    I just found you via Quiltstory and am a new follower. Your SSS blocks are gorgeous and I completely understand your thoughts about tackling the harder ones later. I started the SSS and stalled out at #5 (paper piecing is scary) so then I sewed the first four up into a tabletopper. :)

  5. I love the colours in your SSS blocks!

    I thought I was going to stall out with the paper piecing too, but if I can do it, y'all sure can! Just be sure to double check stuff before you sew because it's nasty trying to rip out those itty bitty stitches in the perforated paper seams!

  6. Your Summer Sampler looks fabulous!

  7. The blocks are sweet...I really like your colours in the summer sampler..great job

  8. You are mega talented...love looking at your work. I love the GTO (goat) my husband had two GTO's and kick's himself for not keeping them. But we are restoring a 1964 Chevelle and an old coop.
    Thank's for shaaring.

  9. A lady who quilts AND appreciates old cars? You're quite the catch!


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