Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stash building!

Look what came in the mail yesterday from Hawthorne Threads!

I really like their selection but can't afford to buy a lot of yardage. I wanted a good variety and tried out the scrap packs they have available. At a 50% discount this isn't a bad way to go and it's kind of fun to be surprised by the fabric you end up getting! I am in love with this cute mushroom print on top. Isn't it awesome?!


  1. I love the patterns you are playing with. We each deserve to pursue an avenue by which to exercise our passion and I'm glad to see you've found yours...and you're good at it to boot.=)You are an artist!

  2. Love these fabrics! I have the same quirky mushroom print, but with a dark green background! Love any mushroom print!

    Have you heard of the Germania line? I have some of these prints! Just thought I'd like to share ;D

  3. Hi Krista, I saw you comment on Lily's. I think you should still enter the Small New Blog Meet Up. Before I had 13 followers, now I have 25 and I am still making new friends. We could also follow each other's blog ;-) I like the fact that you are a scientist (I'm studying geology) and love to sew. Hope to hear from you! Sana


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