Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Despite it being a billion degrees outside, my little doggie thinks she needs a walk in the park. It's a good thing I live right next to one, huh?

My roommate insists I can't spend all my time at the sewing machine. Why can't I? He claims I'll turn into a big fat blob (more of one than I currently am, anyways) and while I want to disagree, he has the laws of physics on his side.

Yes, I do get up to iron every so often, but it's lightweight and can't really be classified as exercise. Pressing down on the foot pedal doesn't exactly get my heart rate going, either. Cutting fabric with my rotary blade does occasionally require a bit of finesse, though. I wish quilting wasn't such a sedentary activity! It gets my brain working hard but does nothing for my body.

What's the solution? I'm doing it right now! Blogging while walking the dog. It's brilliant, really. I hook her leash to my belt loop, bust out the iPhone and voila! Multitasking with added health benefits :P

Now if only I would have remembered bug spray!

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