Thursday, November 8, 2012

pouch, pincushion and scrap swap - sent!

Hey there, look what I made! Kris of Duke Says Sew What and I decided to do a little pouch, pincushion and scrap swap and here's what I came up with.

For the pincushion I made another teeny tiny granny square, although this one is teenier still, those little squares measuring in at a half inch each and the overall cushion at 2.75 inches. Oh how I love tiny things! I've got one in the works for Nicole of Bold Goods (See? I haven't forgotten!) too, just as soon as I can stuff it and stitch it closed.

In my last post, I mentioned wanting to try raw-edge appliqué on my Hoop-la-la swap project. Having never done it before, I decided to Kris's pouch as a guinea pig, trying two different methods just to see what would happen.

I used geometric print quilting cottons and yellow duck cloth for both, but the one with the diagonal lines felt right to me at the time and was bigger, so I went forward with that one. Although I do plan on playing with the second version after I get my Hoop-la-la project done... which needs to happen tonight because the deadline for sendoff is tomorrow... eek!

I used cotton batting and washed and dried before construction so it would have that crinkled look. The dense, straight line quilting and frayed edges ended up creating a pretty nifty texture, I thought. You can't really get the full effect from these photos, which are a wee bit over-saturated. At any rate, I stuffed it with scraps from my bin, that black and white dot print in the first photo is what I used to line the thing, although I didn't seem to get any pictures of that before I mailed it off. Whoops!

Would it be fun if I started a Pouch, Pincushion and Scrap Swap group on Flickr? Would anyone be interested in joining in on such a thing? Maybe around ten-ish people, secret partners, rules and deadlines, etc. Small scale, nothing insanely complicated or time consuming. Could be fun I think. Let me know! EDIT: hitting the pause button on this until after the holidays, we all have way too much on our plates until then!

*I'm linking this post up with Amanda over at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday! I finished my Hoop-la-la project today but won't be able to blog about it (crazy busy weekend ahead!) so while I would have liked to link that, I'll link this instead!*

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  1. Very nice Krista! I love the colours.

  2. It looks great! You know I'd be in for a flickr group swap. :)

  3. I love both of these and I am going to have to make a pincushion like that too I think. If your swap was after the holidays I would love to play, if not I will happily watch.

  4. Your creations are fabulous! Lucky, Kris!

  5. Love the pincushion!! great idea for a swap!

  6. After the holiday would be a great thing to be in a swap--something to get us through those winter doldrums (although I have to say that winter here is the best part of the year!) Send me an invite come January--Great Idea!

  7. Aww hey you are remembering me? That's awesome. Also SIGN ME UP for post-christmas present swapping. I actually have free time in January and cannot WAIT to fill it up! xo

  8. Great swap idea, I love what you made. I'd be interested to join in a swap in the New Year too...sounds like great fun.

  9. Hello, I found you through Flickr! You have a great name!


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