Monday, February 24, 2014

dawn blossom in progress

I promised a dear IG friend months ago that I would test out a pattern for her when she finished drafting it. So that's what I'm up to! Started last weekend by pulling fabrics and starching, pressing, cutting... I got all the half square triangle and flying geese units sewn together and then let it sit for the week. 

So then this past weekend we were at Jon's parents' house and I pressed and trimmed the HSTs and geese, then sewed all the segments into blocks. At which point I debated on whether to go ahead with the table runner I had planned or turn it into a wall hanging instead. You see, the blocks turned out way bigger than I was imagining them in my head. Which is great, but also means the table runner will be way too big for our table, which is even smaller than the one it's pictured on below. 

So I think I'll end up doing the runner, but it will have to be sent down to my parents' house to live since they're the only ones with a table large enough to display it properly. I'm sure they'll be terribly disappointed, but parents were put here to make sacrifices for their children. 

More on this later when it's finished.


  1. Haha yes, your poor parents... It's lovely, Krista!

  2. It will make a perfect runner! :) Love it!

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  4. HA! Really pretty block and fabric choices. :) (Sorry, posted as my alter ego a moment ago. aka: my family blog account.)

  5. Found your blog while I was searching to see if there was such a thing as a "64 block" and you had one! I cruised around a bit and really enJOYed your blog so decided to join! I'm trying to produce a Quilt Block Shot every Fri or Sat and in the process of trying to follow a pattern I goof up sometimes, and instead of ripping it out I'd rather just name it something else or call it a variation. Quilting is creative isn't it? See ya later!

  6. You crack me up. Just make sure they know it's "on loan," for when you and Jonathan get your table filled with your brood and need a bigger space. I think these blocks look great. I just stopped over to your blog to grab your address for my Friday post on our blocks--so fun to see a post! Yay, Krista!!



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