Sunday, September 15, 2013

sunday stash

What do you do when your local quilt shop is closing and has everything 45% off? You go a little overboard when your husband isn't looking. Don't worry, he watched me carry the giant bag into the house. But by then all he could do was give me those "you're out of control" eyes and crack a smile. 

The good thing about my LQS (well, the bad thing before, but good thing now!) is that all of the fabric is relatively old. Meaning full price on most of the bolts was 9 dollars or less. I picked up some American Jane Punctuation and Building Blocks yardage, some of my favorite browns, a few books and several spools of King Tut variegated thread.

After posting that doggy print to IG, several people wanted some so I went back and came home with another big bag, this time stuffed with an assortment of black and white and 1930's prints. UGH. The thing about it was you had to buy at least 2 yards to get the discount. My pal Gina, the cutting lady, offered to sub cut the black and whites into 1 yard + 4 fat quarter increments, which rocked. I'm hopeful that some IG peeps might want to take the excess off my hands!

Speaking of a good deal, Fat Quarter Shop's 50% off section is a friend to me. I get email updates and hop over to see what's new there relatively often. I don't always fall for it, but a couple weeks ago they added Lecien's Tiny Prints collection and I jumped. I actually ordered all 18 prints, but only 12 are pictured here because these are the ones making it into a new quilt! But more on that later.

You know what they say about light ice cream... If it's half the calories you can eat twice as much, right? Surely I can apply that logic to fabric.

Oh! And I'm linking up for Sunday Stash over at Finding Fifth. Eek, j/k! This week it's over at Hot Pink Quilts.

Happy Sunday :D


  1. What a haul! I especially love those tiny cats and the B&W prints are pretty awesome. Nice stash additions.

  2. Whoa. Awesomeness! I love those Tiny Prints!!! :) It's always sad to see an LQS close, but 45% off is exciting too!

    Thanks for linking up! It was a pleasure to have you!

  3. It's good that you are a newlywed! Ha! That is great thread! My LQS carries it and I love it. Can I go shopping at your house? You could open a shop there!! My LQS is supposedly changing hands end of this month. We will see what becomes of it. Like yours, it is struggling and unable to fund the newest fabrics making it a "last resort" for me or a quick stop for something I need right away.

  4. I think I would be obliged to help clear things out too! Lucky you

  5. Bloody hell that's awesome. I'll take some of that black and white goodness of you if you're happy to post O/S. Those dogs are too cute. I'm here snooping for the Hawaiian BOM! You're blogs going on my list now - you've been warned (I'm a frequent rambling commenter... case in point)! SO looking forward to learning some new tricks!

  6. Whoa, nice haul! Sounds like your hubby is a keeper too. ;)

  7. Love the tiny prints. And totally on board with the ice cream theory too!

  8. Love your stash-building efforts, and for looking out for your IG peeps. You are terrific, and so is that new mound of fabric (one can never have too much, right?)


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