Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Krista who?

Did you forget about me? I don't blame you! I got married and fell off the face of the planet. It happens. I've been busy with work and quilting and wifing and whatnot. I thought I'd pop in and share what quilty things I've been up to since the last time I shared. There's quite a bit, actually. But first, here's the obligatory wedding photo.

after the ceremony
After the honeymoon, I managed to clean up and organize my sewing room. It's now the most usable space it's ever been! There's still a lot that could be done, so I don't want to show it off just yet. But let's just say Jon spends a lot of time in here with me now that there's room for him, which is why I've been so productive lately!

I finished our wedding quilt a few weeks ago. Well, the top, anyways. I'm not sure how to go about basting this 90"x105" beast, let alone quilting it. It's a St. Louis 16 patch in Charleston Farmhouse by Felicity Miller. I threw in a few coordinating prints from my stash to make it stretch a bit further and add some dimension. Jon really loves this quilt, which makes me super happy.
16 patch wedding quilt
I also made ~30 more scrappy trip along blocks, giving me a total of 64 for a 96" square quilt. This is comprised of 2 parts Chicopee fabric by Denyse Schmidt and 2 parts coordinating prints from my stash. I spent a minute and a half deciding on the layout, about as much time as it took to scatter them all haphazardly on the floor. Good enough for me!
chicopee scrappy trip along
I've made some more progress on this hand piecing project. This might be the first time it's appeared on the blog! I don't have a real plan for it but so far there are 25 batik four patches put on point in Kona coal. It's a bit silly to do 90 degree angles using the English paper piecing method, but it's just what happened one day when I needed something to do in the car.
spread out on grandma's plush carpet
My flowerburst hexies have come out of hiding. Kris coined the name a year and a half ago when I first started working on them. I'm not exactly sure how many I have now, and they don't resurface that often, but purple and teal one pictured was my project over the past weekend when we were out of town visiting my grandmother.
hand piecing in the car
Last up is the voile strip quilt I finished yesterday after work. It's a variation on the 1600 jellyroll quilt (aka jellyroll race!). I used 70 4"x50" strips, which yielded a generous king size quilt top. I was calling it my 3500 quilt since it started as a 3500" long strip rather than the 1600" of a standard jellyroll. The colors and values aren't dispersed perfectly, but that's part of the excitement of starting with one long strip and having no idea where you'll end up. It was so fast and easy and brainless!
voile 3500 quilt
Surely that's enough to make up for a two month absence! I think I owe someone a pile of Liberty HSTs from the Give Me Liberty sew-along. I'll go with Cathi, of Gertrude Made, who whipped up a lovely pair of patchwork pillows using her treasured Liberty stash. Thanks to everyone who played along with us, that was a great last minute escape from all those pre-wedding jitters! 

Until next time...


  1. Wow! You've been a busy bee. Sounds like you have a very supportive quilt husband. :) That's such an important thing. Looking forward to seeing all of these projects come to completion.

    I love your scrappy trip layout.

    AND...what a stunning couple you make. :) Thanks for sharing a picture!

  2. Nice progress! What about using spray baste for that beast? I'm pretty sure if it were me I'd send it to a long-arm...that's just too much quilt for my little machine! Good luck, xoxo

  3. Love the layout for your scrappy tripalong

  4. Thank God...a post! And a link to me, too! I was going to point out that your last post was in May. You had a good excuse though! Love that photo. Yay for the hexi project making a reappearance. You have been doing great at finishing quilt tops! Agree that the scrappy trip layout is awesome. Love your voile quilt top. I should do the same when my collection gets bigger. I miss the sew mama sew $6 voile sales...

  5. Krista! Congratulations on the wedding and I hope you continue to have fun wifing. :) Lovely progress on your projects too.

  6. You look beautiful in your wedding picture! Love the husband's pose. Love the idea of the jelly roll race with wider strips. May have to steal your idea...

  7. Congrats on your wedding! You sure have some lovely projects on the go.

  8. Congratulations on your wedding! Great photo. You have been busy sewing! I love how your scrappy trip quilt goes all zig zagging and every which way. The larger jelly roll race quilt has great colours in it.

  9. Congratulations! Great projects all around, too. :)

  10. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, beautiful quilts---what a winning combination. :)

  11. Congrats on the wedding! I love the scrappy trip ... I have one started too. Just wondering how much patience I have before I just sew them all together -- nice to know that 64=96 square.


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