Tuesday, May 7, 2013

give me liberty! sew-along reveal + link up + giveaway

Boy, this day really got away from me! In all fairness, I spent most of it in bed until now, as I'm home sick with the not cool kind of tummy ache. Not that there's ever a cool kind. But this kind is the really not cool kind. Now to get that thought out of your mind, here's my Give Me Liberty! sew-along project, lounging about amongst the violets.

It was originally going to be a big pillow, but I switched gears and made a little mini quilt instead. I plan on hanging it either in my sewing room or the living room if I can find the right spot for it! Though it looks pretty cute under my great grandmother's kitty tea pot and sugar bowl there on the sideboard. That's the antique piece of furniture Jon's family got us as a wedding gift, which I'll have to properly show off sometime soon!

I used two layers of batting so it would be puffy and quilted a diagonal crosshatch through the half square triangles. The backing is Millie's Closet "floral bouquet" in green, (another FQS 50% off bargain buy) and I bound it with a brown civil war print that I absolutely adore and would buy a lot more of if I ever saw it again. I'd like to put a little label on it, when I get a chance.

The Give Me Liberty! sew-along link up is over Nicole's blog, Bold Goods, today. She's posted a lovely baby quilt and interesting thoughts on it's design and construction. Go check it out, will ya?  We had a lot of fun hosting this thing and can't wait to see your projects! Don't worry, they don't have to be finished, and I think she's leaving it open for a whole week in case you're not ready just yet.

And since there are a bunch of half square triangles left over, I thought I'd offer them up in a little giveaway of sorts. If you've recently sewn up anything using Liberty prints and would like to post about it and our link-up, anyone who links up will have chance at nabbing my remaining 40+ 2.5" trimmed, Bloomsbury HST units. Keep in mind they're tiny and have bias edges, but man their cute. I'm secretly hoping no one enters so I won't have to part with them!

I'm also linking up with Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday :D


  1. I've entered, so be prepared to mail those HST beauties!!!
    Love your mini, (I may even forgive you with the brown!) xxx

  2. Love it! You should leave it under the teapot, so cute!

  3. The mini is adorable. I like it under the teapot and sugar bowl.
    I have never sewn with Liberty prints yet. I'd love to try!

  4. ok first of all - i need that teapot and sugar dish second - I LOVE LIBERTY FABRICS and can;t wait to get caught up so I can join along in this Liberty Goodness and third I am a new follower :)

  5. I really want to play with my liberty fabrics and it seems I am not too late so maybe soon and before the link closes. I love your little hsts.

  6. super cute Mini. I love it under the teapot and sugar bowl.

  7. I love Liberty and this quilt is sweet. jennylarking@gmail.com

  8. So pretty Krista - hope you are feeling better today!

  9. Very sweet indeed!! I'd love some to play with too!!

  10. Cute mini! Thanks for linking!

  11. Cute! I also like it with the teapots!

  12. Hope you are feeling better, now, and that you are getting back in the swing after your honeymoon :)

    Love your mini quilt, and yes--the teapots and sideboard are the perfect accessories for this fab quilt. Way to go on the Liberty Challenge; I've seen it in several places around the blogosphere, so it's popular!

    Elizabeth E.


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