Wednesday, February 6, 2013

lozenges + ear infections = random

I finished up that lozenge pillow cover last week and shipped it off just in time for my sister in Phoenix to get it for her birthday. I didn't have time to take decent photos so apologies in advance...

I used Lynne's lozenge EPP templates (found here) and omitted the squares. Instead I made a background panel from two layers of Moda quilting muslin with some batting in between, quilted with not-so-straight lines using a walking foot. (I did the same for the two back panels). I then hand appliquéd the patchwork to the panel.

I was kind of on a roll so I went ahead and hand quilted in the lozenges too, just to give it that extra something (and some additional stability in case my appliqué skills don't hold up). Hand quilting this small project was fun, but it gave my fingers a workout!

I didn't get to launder it (so it would get all crinkled) and have a lengthy photo shoot like I would have wanted... I  finished it on my lunch break and ran off to the post office after snapping a few crappy shots on the front porch swing.

On another note, I've been struggling with respiratory infections on and off (but mostly on) since the end of October. But I draw the line at ear infections and finally hit up the doctor yesterday. He prescribed antibiotics as expected, but he also insisted I start using a neti pot.

Mind = blown. Have you ever tried one of these?! I'd heard of it before because my old roommate had one, but never saw him use it and he never described the process. If you have no idea what I'm talking about go hit up google. It'll blow your mind too! I've used it a couple times now and I'm in love.

And since that last little tid bit is just tad on the random side, I think I'll link this post up with Cindy's Really Random Thursday over at Live a Colorful Life. (I can't get over the fabric covered car from last week. Mind = blown!)


  1. What a great gift! Love the double layer fullness and your EPP is just lovely! That pot sounds gross...but glad you like it. ;-)

  2. Great job with the cushion! You've put some wonderful fabrics in there! As for the neti pot....not sure I want to know any more, thank you!

  3. I have heard nothing but fabulous things about those neti pots, but just can't bring myself to try one. Ew. But cool that it's helping you!!! The pillow is gorgeous and the hand quilting looks great! And makes me feel guilty at the same time b/c I've had a quilt in my quilt frame that's half done being hand quilted, for oh.. a couple of years now.. I should really get back to that soon. ha! (I love that binding on the back of the pillow too!) :) xo

  4. The last time I made pillows with that kind of back, I just used fabric, but I like your system so much better.

  5. Your pillow is beautiful. I'm off to google neti pot. Hope you're soon fully better :)

  6. We have a neti pot--have never tried it. The process sounds kind of gross but apparently it really works, huh? Yeah,I'm kinda having a hard time getting that car out of my head--sure wish I could have seen the driver/owner!

    And your pillow is awesome, by the way!

  7. The pillow is wonderful! Never heard of netti-pot...

  8. Oh, that pillow is just lovely! I love the added binding on the closure. :) You're sending it to me right? ;)

  9. I love Lynne's lozenges and this pillow is beautiful! I love a bit of handstitching.

  10. I absolutely love the pillow! I need to make myself one with all the bazillion scraps I have. I especially love the binding on the opening!

    Oh! And regarding the neti pot, I found a hilarious youtube video:

    P.S: I really love reading the little tidbits about your job, especially when you mentioned the new tank that came in at your job.


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