Thursday, November 1, 2012

really random thursday

Ready for some random thoughts? Ok, here you go!

I'd kind of forgotten about Allegory's hoop-la-la swap that I'd signed up for a while back, but I pulled some fabrics yesterday and came up with a plan.

I'm thinking a little house in the woods with a bit of embroidery, too. I might try raw edge appliqué, which I've never done before, or I'll do needle turn. Do you think raw edge is lazy, or cool sometimes? I don't want my partner to think I'm lazy, but I think it might be neat for something decorative to hang on the wall.

Another thing I need to get moving on is the pouch and pincushion swap I lined up with Kris (of Duke Says Sew What, I totally forgot to link to her when I first posted this, eek! my bad!)... Like a month ago! We didn't set a deadline, but it's time to get cracking. I've pulled some fabrics for a zip pouch but haven't worked out a design just yet...

Also, I way overestimated the amount of candy to buy for trick-or-treaters. I had two giant bowlfuls and extra bags just in case. But only eight kids stopped by in a span of four hours, can you believe that? I kept telling them to take as much as they wanted but they'd still only take one piece. Go figure!

Here's Lucy the race horse and her rockin' hot devil mom. Although that little sequined bow tie looks vaguely like something a chippendales dancer would wear, doesn't it? Noted. Jon (who wore Shrek ears all night and looked absolutely adorable) loves scary movies (I do NOT) so we watched The Mothman Prophecies and ate Little Cesar's pizza. Not all that scary, really, but pretty good! Without many trick-or-treaters, though, it was a relatively uneventful evening.

Oh and check out this super cute pincushion that an Instagram pal (@satoi_yuen) sent me all the way from Hong Kong! Isn't it sweet? I'll need to make her something to send in return, add that to the list!

And here's something exciting, we're getting a new fermentation tank installed at work! It's a big darn deal and everyone was buzzing around taking pictures and watching in anticipation. They were still getting it situated when I left today, but the cranes should be gone by tomorrow.

We use tanks like this to grow bacteria for agricultural purposes. To put it simply, legumes (think soybeans, peanuts, peas) + our products = better yield! Google rhizobia and/or liquid inoculants if you're interested in more details, I don't want to bore anyone.

And then we went on a walk in the park in the brisk evening air. Lucy chased after birds and squirrels but only as far as her leash would allow. Ah, fall is such a lovely time of year!

I'm linking up with Cindy's Really Random Thursday, because as you can see its Thursday and this post is really random. Yeah! Ok, over and out :D

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  1. You're so cute!

  2. Sweet pin cushion! And no, raw edge applique is not lazy...

  3. I love raw edge appliqué. The look isn't lazy, I think it's a little "free" feeling. :)

  4. *sigh* Oh how I LOVE random! I do not think raw edge applique is lazy. And actually needle turn nearly makes me go insane--very stressful for me. Sweet pincushion!

  5. Hi Krista - Did the fabric scraps ever arrive? I have just nominated you for a Liebster Award. :o)

  6. I love raw edge appliqué! Not lazy--just different.
    The tank pictures are hilarious, but I'm a sucker for BIG THINGS being moved around. I followed the Levitated Mass rock around LA, taking pictures of it on its moving apparatus.

    We used to go through scads of candy, but now it's like three pieces. And this year we were in Italy, so I don't know what happened at all. Sometimes we head over to the church Trunk or Treat. Do you think more kids do private parties because they're scared of what they'll get (or their parents are scared)? I've seen a huge drop-off in trick or treaters everywhere. Think of all the fun you'll have eating all of that!



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