Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my wonky house neighborhood

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
You know what's fun? Getting mail from Australia. They have really cute stamps over there and need to use a LOT of them to send stuff across the globe. I forgot to photograph that though, so use your imagination. (think tropical fish, sea turtles... coral reef!!)

These are the wonky house blocks Erika, (@guildthelily on instagram) made me for  the far flung bee we started a while back. Someone got creative! The little weenie dog is my favorite part, not to mention the clothesline and vegetable garden. That confetti sky... I adore them.

The group shot so far, a little funky neighborhood being built block by block by a bunch of quilty peeps across the globe. Gives me the warm and fuzzies, I tell ya. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. they are fantastic!! how cute and imagining the stamp!

  2. Those are awesome! It's so much fun to get happy mail!

  3. The houses are so fun! I also like the addition of a big evergreen tree in that one block.

  4. Great blocks- I think the heart shaped ones are my favourite.

  5. Love those wonky houses, (even though the inner me is shuddering at the 'un-symmetrical'ness of it all!)


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