Thursday, October 18, 2012

a weekend challenge - TTT

Just got a wild hair to challenge myself BIG TIME. Brand new baby quilt, start to finish all in one weekend. Think I can do it? 

It was one of those weeks. I just need a quick fix. There's a baby boy out on the west coast who ought to have a handmade quilt. A friend of mine just made a quilt in a DAY. Well you know what? I can do that. YES. Yes I can.

But I'll give myself the weekend, just in case :P

And since this is a "thinking" post and it just happens to be Thursday, I can finally link up again with Rebecca for Thursday Think Tank, whoo hoo!

Happy weekend sewing!


  1. You can totally do a quilt in a weekend. And I love that blue circut fabric :).

  2. You've got this! I'll bug you on Monday to see a pic of it finished, okay ;)

  3. Ohh, can't wait to see Krista! :o) You can do it!! Love the fabrics! Hey I'm about to pick a winner in my giveaway, come and enter, hurry! ;)

  4. You can so do this!! As long as nothing bad happens... Lol. No really if there are no distractions (like the Internet for example) you could totally get this done in a weekend. Fingers crossed for you. E

  5. Yes, you can do it! Cut and piece on Saturday, quilt and bind on Sunday! Totally do-able! Just use the KISS method!

  6. You can definitely do it!! Can't wait to see the finished product :)


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