Saturday, July 14, 2012

wonky house bee blocks

My mailbox is starting to fill up with my Far Flung Bee blocks! Essie sent these lovelies all the way from Australia and they arrived just a few days ago.

Aren't they darling? I love the flower gardens in the one on the right, as well as the owl perched up top on the roof. She says the one on the left is a house full of "Bennet sisters," inspired by the book/movie Pride and Prejudice. How neat is that?

As for Elizabeth's blocks, she had some inspiration as well. Since I've spent the last few months falling madly in love with my fiance, Jon, she thought my houses should be in the shape of a heart! I think it's a totally cute idea and am so pleased she thought of it.

While the fabric, style and size of these blocks differ quite a bit, by the end of our six month bee I will have plenty of others to mix in to make a unique, quirky, little neighborhood of happy houses. Have any of you all participated in bees? What do you think of them? This is my first and so far it's been a blast :D


  1. oh how cute! I've joined a small bee with some local girls, its quite funny because we are all overcome with angst about choosing just the right block - fabric is really expensive here in NZ so we all want to make sure we end up with something we love. I think after all our worrying is done, that will be the outcome!

  2. I joined my first in January this year and am in five now! I think your experience depends on who you are in a bee with! I have heard some stories but my experience is all good and I'm queen bee for the first time this month which is really exciting!

  3. I'm starting my first bee next month! I'm pretty excited! Your blocks look wonderful! You will have a great neighborhood of house blocks!

  4. I joined a swap in January- very brave! and it was brilliant. I then joined a stash bee, which is going well, so far, though I notice our first queen bee has dropped out- got all her blocks and off! I am sure she had good reason, but it feels a bit? awkward? we are now one down in numbers. Can't be helped, and everyone can have personal difficulties to contend with.
    I then joined a different type of stash bee, which is great, everyone is making their own first 'inspiration' block, and posting along to the next person, all at the same time, so we will all get our final packages with all the blocks in somewhere about the same time, in about a year. Lots of comments going on in the flickr threads really helps! and we get all excited about what is coming along.
    And I am also playing in a frame purse swap- so new skills being developed at the same time.
    So, go for itand enjoy playing!

  5. Krista, they are looking so cute! Last year our guild decided to do a Garden theme quilt. 27 of us participated and the resulting quilt was amazing! We each made 27 blocks of our chosen pattern, and at the end of the year we swapped them. Mine is ready to be quilted, and I will post a picture when done. Can't wait to see yours completed!


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