Friday, March 16, 2012

All smiles on a Friday

Ok, so not only am I dropping pounds, but I'm winning the weight loss competition at work. Barely. But still winning! Awesome sauce.
In less exciting news, after a year of nonstop abuse my iPhone decided it could take no more. Oops. Glass shards are falling out of the screen and poking my fingers as I write this, but it still works. My brother claims he can easily replace the glass. Fantastic! Although he may be full of shit, who knows.
For the moment I'm unconcerned because the weather outside is downright unbelievable. I'm happy as a clam, perched on my front porch, hand-stitching the binding on my drunkard's path quilt.
The cat is busy hunting birds while the dog frolics amongst dried up leaves, embedding them in her fluffy, fur coat. She needed a bath, anyway :P


  1. Ooooh, hand stitching binding. I love that. My favourite part. Congrats on the weight loss.

  2. Hi Krista! Congrats on "winning"! I am a yo-yo dieter....ugh! Your quilt looks pretty! Posted your stale stash with Lucy button in my sidebar and cleaned up my blog roll - adding your blog! :-> though you've been in my reader for awhile.... How are the starlets for your bedspread coming along?

  3. Leading the weight loss challenge- well done! Good luck with replacing your iphone glass. We have little booths in shopping centres here in Australia where you can get cheap phone covers and they replace screens too!! Much cheaper than going to Mr Apple! Your binding looks great- hand sewing it also my favourite part!

  4. you crack me up!! Great job on the weight loss :)

  5. I think brothers are all the same. Experts - or at least they sound like they are til it all goes wrong haha. That pink is really lovely - looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  6. Yay the long awaited drunkard's path! So looking forward to it! Poor iPhone :-(

  7. You can be really proud for leading the challenge!
    I am also much happier and all smiles when the sun comes out for good and the temperatures start climbing.
    Give your brother and that phone a chance ;-)


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