Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grandma's Laced Star + New Niece!

This is what my bro and I gave our grandmother for Christmas this year.

Woodworking runs in the family so my brother hand-crafted the frame. We wished my sister could have contributed but she was too busy having a baby, several states away!

I used the four hour trip north to attempt hand quilting for the first time. I used pearle cotton and stitched along the seams. I found this method made it easier for me to quickly quilt in a straight line, but I did have a hard time controlling the stitch length due to the truck's bumpy ride. We were both super happy with it and so was Gram :D

Here's that baby I mentioned earlier. She came out all yellow and had to spend time under a uv light, hence the blue tint and stylish eyewear. I also heavily edited the photo in order to throw off you pyscho cyber stalkers. In reality babies all look alike to me, but since she isn't my kid I figured I ought to disguise her identity, lol. Plus it's way super fun to play with photos in Instagram and MobileMonet, my two fav free apps!

Anyways, the dog desperately needs a bath after playing on the farm all weekend. Over and out!


  1. Such a nice gift! The hand quilting looks really good! Congratulations on the new addition :)

  2. Lucky Gram!!! It's beautiful and the fact that you and your brother both made it, makes it very special.

  3. lucky Auntie Krista! and lucky Great Grandma, to receive such a unique gift. Congrats all round. ;-)

  4. what a thoughtful gift from you both. Looking forward to seeing pics of a non blue baby and hope all is well with her now

  5. Yay! Being an aunt is fun! You get all the benefits and none of the work ;) Seeing your sewing output, I'm sure she will be spoiled ;)

  6. Great work Krista, and congratulations on the new aunt-dom!


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