Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hoard no more + mug rug

About two weeks ago I watched am episode of hoarding: buried alive and got motivated to de-clutter my dining room. In a couple hours it went from this:

To this:

Bad lighting makes for bad photos but I just don't have the time to try and edit, lol.

Hank had to be in on it, of course. He helped me organize...

And held things in place on the table so they wouldn't blow away...

Once I had a nice, clean, perfectly organized dining room, I got the itch to destroy it again and worked on some mug rugs.

Made this one for my friend Amy using scraps from my drunkard's path quilt and some appliquéd hearts.

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  1. I wasn't able to see your link photo, but the link worked, love the mug rug!

  2. My question is, where did the sewing machine go???? Is that it in the corner?

    Love the mug rug!

  3. Wow you did that in a couple of hours?? Wanna come to my house for a day?!! It looks great :) I've watched that show though and you weren't even close to the mess of those people - seriously freaky!! Also that cabinet is stunning, made cuter by Hank!

  4. Wow! Amazing before and after shots and your mug rug looks lovely :)

  5. Great job on he cleaning. I had that urge too last weekend. Thought you overdid it and put Hank away, too ;-) Love the mug rug. Grey and pink is a great combination!

  6. wow, what a transformation!! Nice job. Love the mug rugs!!

  7. Nice job! I love the feeling of a good clean.. I'm also quite jealous of your ability to have a room to sew in, even if it isn't a designated sewing room! I only have the living room which the bf isn't thrilled about... haha oh well. That's why he has an Xbox! And fun fact: I totally have a similar side board with a similar wine rack on top! I like that your wine rack has crafts in it.. but not as much as I like wine ;)

  8. The dining room looks great! Sometimes I get so busy working on several sewing projects at once and my studio starts to get cluttered, but I find that I don't get much done when my workspace or home is messy. Best to take some time to straighten and get organized, and then be more productive. And of course, reward yourself for a job well done!

  9. That's amazing. I always feel a sense of satisfaction doing a 'soul' cleanse of a room like that. Inevitably it can only last so long. But it is good while it lasts!

  10. It looks like a totally different dining room! Wow! And I am glad to see I am not the only one who has an orange kitty to "help" out with household chores!


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