Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drunkard's Path Quilt Along

Oh man, I am SO beyond stoked about this QAL I stumbled upon while on a break from cutting strips for sashing on my summer sampler blocks. I've had a love affair with drunkard's path quilts ever since I discovered this one made in 1930, at a local antique store.

soooo pretty!

I would have bought it for my bed since it was in such great condition but they wanted way more than I could afford. So I told myself I'd make my own one day. Or I could get started now, you say? But I still have lots of WIPs to complete. Owell, what's one more? Grin.


  1. That quilt is beautiful!
    I've just joined in the quilt along - I'm telling my husband to blame you if he can't get me away from my sewing machine once it starts ;)
    Lucy x

  2. Oh No. Krista & Lucy? Man, my head MIGHT EXPLODE. Geez, this is gonna get crazy... Alright ladies, let's see how this QAL goes. I am putting the onus on you and Lucy to prod me along as much as possible. After all, I still have to finish my ATS Quilt!!!

  3. I really like this layout! I'm still on the fence about joining this QAL but this would be a top choice of layout for me. Good luck!


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