Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coasters and Quilt-Alongs


I've decided to join the Warm Cool Quilt Along being led by Jeni over on her blog, In Color Order. This will be my first quilt along! One of my main reasons for starting a blog is to participate in these types of things.  I'm using fat quarters I got on sale at Jo-Ann's because I'm currently refusing to spend money I don't have on designer prints. I love them. I just can't afford them! I devoted an evening to cutting and assembling all my HSTs, and will hopefully start squaring them up tonight. After I finish mowing the lawn...

I'll also be participating in Elizabeth's kaleidoscope quilt-along, over at Don't Call Me Betsy. Whew, all this linkage is time consuming! I'm not certain what fabric I'll use for it, but I'm leaning towards making a dent in my vintage sheet stash. I should be embarrassed by the fact that I got a little sloshed on Franzia box wine a couple months ago and ended up ordering over a $100 worth of fat quarter bundles cut from vintage linens.

This is maybe 1/3 of it. sigh.

These are decades old sheets. People [slept] under them for years. Right? Well, yes. But they look so pretty all stacked together. So I can't imagine how good they'll look pieced together into a quilt. Oh wait, yes I can!

They've waited their turn, and now it's time for coasters. My adorable vintage end tables have taken quite a beating, due to my thoughtless roommate and house guests, who all pass the blame onto a lack of coasters. They make a decent point.

I like starting and finishing projects all in one sitting, which I haven't been doing much of lately. SO, I collected some scraps and tried out this string block technique I'd been eying. Now I have nifty little quilted coasters and I can hold beverage handlers responsible when I find water rings on my furniture :D

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