Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Meadowland Quilt Along

I started a new quilt! Partly because new things are fun but also because I wanted to join in with a quilt along on Instagram. The pattern is called Meadowland by Then Came June. 


We are now in week three of the #meadowlandqal and as of last night I now have 8 blocks completed. I’m using a stack of Denyse Schmidt fabrics I had originally put together for a different project back in 2013 but never got around to it. It would have been cool to use black or charcoal for the background fabric but didn’t have any in my stash and talked myself out of it. 


I added a few more prints and wound up cutting for 25 blocks total, which should give me a finished quilt that’s 80” square. The kids helped me mix and match the fabric pieces. The first block I sewed together ended up bugging me, the two orange prints were just too similar in value. So I performed surgery! Which was tricky and annoying but totally worth it. 


You might notice I don’t appear to be sewing in the bright new sewing room I was showing off in my last post! That’s because we spent some time working on the basement and it’s a big useable space now with a play area for the kids, so I’m sewing down here, too. Eventually everything sewing related will live down here full time and Rita will get her bedroom back. 


I love this method of making flying geese where you start out with one big square and end up with four flying geese units. It’s quick and fun and you don’t end up with little scraps. 

That’s all for now. 


  1. I love making flying geese that way too! It almost feels like magic! I love your colour palette! The Meadowland quilt is such an effective design and yours going to be gorgeous!


    1. Hi, Susan! Thanks so much for reading. I can see why people make meadowland over and over again! And I agree, the flying geese trick does feel like magic.

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