Saturday, February 11, 2012

rose star block - help!

Surely you're sick of seeing rose star blocks by now, right? Well that's just too bad because I have another one to share and I need your help deciding on a border!

When I first attempted this block I cut templates from a plastic file folder and thought it was oh so clever! I realized they weren't iron-friendly like my teflon hexie templates but managed to make it work a second time by being super careful to press in short spurts so as not to melt them.

This time around, I upped my hexie from 3 to 5 inches and cut the templates out of Manila file folders, which are still stiff enough to use like teflon templates (basting only on the back side) and are able to be ironed.

While I'm super pleased with the rose star itself, my feet got cold once I laid out these grey border pieces. The flower stems in the center hexie are grey, so I thought I'd tie it in as the background. Plus I have several grey prints in my stash and unfortunately no whites or ivories. But the darker green star points get a little lost, don't they?

Here's where I need your help! What should I do?

A) unpick those three darker green points and replace them with lighter green, then continue with the grey background pieces.

B) go get some white prints (maybe a tiny black or grey dot) from the LQS and see if that looks better

C) leave as is and get to sewing it together already

D) your opinion, let me know If you have any better ideas :D

I'm leaning towards option A since I've already got these grey guys basted and ready to go and it wouldn't take long to remove and replace the three dark green guys, but I'd love to get some feedback! I'm setting this aside now and am going out to interact with the world on a Saturday night.


  1. I love how the grey looks Krista, and the green looks nice to me. However, if it nags the heck out of you, I'd choose option A and just change to a lighter green! The whole thing is just so darn gorgeous!

  2. I think it looks really great as is, but if you're not happy with the dark green and it wouldn't be a huge deal to unpick it, you might as well. You want to be happy with it, right? I do really love the grey for the background though.

  3. I think it looks great as it is! I say keep stitchin! Love it!

  4. I think it looks great as is too, but it's your work and if you're not sure, change it. I know if it was mine and I was undecided and asking for second opinions, it means that I should change it.

  5. I am with the others, it looks great from here. So here is the plan.
    1. Sleep on it.It may well crystallise in the night, and you will know what to do.
    2 Assuming your LQS is close enough, take it with you and lay it on several different backgrounds, to see what works best.

    It is really lovely, so I think you can have confidence whichever you choose.

  6. I agree! Beautiful! Sleep on it. I think the grey looks great!

  7. Sometimes just going ahead with the thing is the way to go, but. . . if I had my druthers--it's a darker charcol that I'd reach for. Your green points, esp. the two lower greens, are already pretty light. And to go lighter means that the outer edge of the block will be mostly the same value (I think that's what's bugging you about the block--not color, but value). But like you said to me once, sometimes just going ahead with something is better than not.

    I'll stay tuned to see what you do with this. I love these blocks of yours! And I've got two hours of Downton Abbey to watch tonight--I could get one of them started, at least! (Wishful thinking, maybe.)

    Elizabeth E.

  8. OMG love love it. I am having a hard time advising though since you've got the block on a greenish surface, so it throws me off. I think I like it as is though.

    I showed off your handiwork to J's folks and they were IMpressed.

  9. I may be a bit late in commenting but I think since the gray next to the dark green is lighter I'd stick with it and just keep sewing :) It's beautiful!

  10. went to comment on your valentine post (which I *loved*!) and it disappeared! don't take it back, it was a great post!!!

  11. I'm sure you have made your decision by now but I love this as is. Every single one of these rose stars you post makes me want to drop most of my projects and start one.


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